Friday 28 January 2011

Underground Advertising Jan 2011

Three tube posters that have caught my eye today
*Sorry, you'll need to zoom in on these images to read the copy!:

Mad Men moves from BBC to Sky, Draper meets Murdoch. But, its one show that might actually benefit from having ad breaks. Don't make tea, spend the break analysing the clever techniques used to sell us stuff.

I didn't realise that Action Aid's charitable purpose was as much about improving the emotional wellbeing of the middle-aged sufferers of existential crisis. It's a nice spin off I guess, but are they volunteering for the right reasons?

Finally, Jack Daniel, a 19th Century role model for the 21st Century man. Mature, loyal relationships? Pah, there is only one thing I'm committed to, the booze!

Happy Friday, I'm off to celebrate 10 year of award winning graphic and web design with my amazing pals at Ten 4 Design, I won't be drinking Jack Daniels, probably a couple of glasses of Jameson's, that's OK right?

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