Monday 28 June 2010

Chris Waddle let me introduce you to Sir Ken Robinson

I love football / real life analogies...

Chris Waddle was a boyhood hero of mine, the man could drop his shoulder, beat a defender or two then whip in a cross onto the foot of Gary Lineker, he had swagger, he had skill, he was creative. He wasn't the only one in THAT Italia 90 team who could do that, Gascoigne, Beardsley, Barnes. What have England got now in terms of creativity? Lennon, Joe Cole, who mostly warm the bench and Walcott, who they left at home.

Waddle was on Radio 4 this morning lamenting the way that young players in England have their creativity drummed out of them in football academies set up to teach them to 'keep the ball'. They've created malfunctioning one dimensional robotic players, who can't keep the ball - they've not done a great job. The England football team lacks creativity, it is squeezed out of players in their learning environment in the same way as our children have, for years, had their creativity squeezed out of them in our schools.

please meet Sir Ken Robinson:

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