Sunday 30 January 2011

Russell Brand on Consumerism

Just in case you've missed this. Follow this link to see an interview by Jeremy Paxman with Russell Brand. Some very interesting insights into celebrity status, consumerism and happiness. A documentary directed by Oliver Stone is apparently imminent too in which Brand goes to India to ask the big questions about happiness. Could be interesting stuff.

I've got a lot of time for Russell Brand, he's thoughtful, intelligent and not afraid to shake things up a bit; he looks set to change the direction of his career in quite a significant way.


Anonymous said...

He's a pretentious self-important cock more like.

Going to India to ask big questions about happiness. Patronising twat.

You'll find most Indians want exactly what we have, they are not "poor but 'appy".

Borderline middle class racism if you ask me, which people generally don't.

Colin said...

The resolution on your monitor must be incredible for you to read between the lines like that.